Monday, April 26, 2010

That's why they call it the blue(s)!

Well guess what? I have a sister! Besides the fact that it happened MONTHS ago, I have to say I love having Meara around...we get to play Whappy-Face every morning! Most times, she'll just come up to the side of the bed, and raise a front paw to smack me in the face. Except that I am a super-speckly-ninja and I can prance and hop and whip and swirl around, confusing her with my plumage! We don't get to play for very long, though, because Samwise-Fun-Police makes us stop when things get too wild.

Mom says Meara is continuing to gain confidence. I think she's fine. As long as she doesn't try to steal my stuff, it's all good! But she seems to like my crate, and that's just fine since I don't really like it myself. Sam even lets her *touch* him when they are both napping on the bed!

Here's a family portrait:

But enough about her! Mom says I am becoming SUCH a GoodBoy! I met her cousin-in-law the other day and wasn't even nervous! When I saw her outside, I followed Sam to go sniff her, and then I climbed up her to give her kisses. I didn't even have to bark at her! Also, Mom took me to a farm about a month ago, where I met these things call "PUPPEEZ". They are weird and I don't know why she would take me there. Here's me seeing one for the first time:

Meara and Sam were just as impressed as I was.

Anyway, Mom let me run free that day (well, sort of...she had a superextralong leash on me, but let me run wherever I wanted). And I stayed by all the people and dogs and PUPPEEZ, and when I started to run off by myself, Mom called and I came back. And I didn't find a dog to focus on and bark at or hump (much)...I ran around sniffing, eating cow poop and playing ball. Kinda like a "normal" dog. She was so proud and so surprised. I don't know why she worries so much. She needs to listen to Auntie Petra and Auntie Amy, who say she should trust me more!

Well, I feel a thunderstorm coming so I'm gonna go hide in the closet...catch ya later!