Monday, February 7, 2011

Testing, testing, testing...!

Ya know, everybody always teases mom that I am half papillon because I have wispies and am fine-boned and hold my beautifully plumed tail curled up high over my back. So a few weeks ago, she stole some blood from me and Samwise and sent it away to be tested. Well, the results finally came back, and guess what?!

THEY WERE RIGHT (sort of)!!!! I am only HALF a border collie!! Here are my results:

ACD??? Like, ferREALZ??!! I am pretty sure these do not look ANYTHING alike:

Whatevs. Anyway, Sammy's was much less interesting, but here it is:

Haha - he is so mixed up, they don't know WHAT he is!! Purebred beagle on one side, but the only thing they're sure of on the other is Lab...maybe some greyhound and maybe some collie, and a little pinch of "No Clue". So I guess that "Samwise-beagledog" really is the perfect name!

And Moss had a pretty big week, too. He got noodled and got to wear the biggest party hat EVER! Mom wouldn't let him play with me for a few days, and kept him in jail:

When Moss was getting noodled, the vet suggested running a biopsy on the bald patch he's kind of always had on his leg. Well, when the results came back, it said he had some sort of "endocrine dermatitis" which was typical of hypothyroidism, so he has to go back and get more blood stoled. Hope they figure it out quickly cuz he looks funny with that bald patch on his leg!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hi, remember me?? Mom has no excuse for not letting me post for so long, so Auntie Amy finally had to threaten her! Anyway, we have had a bunch of snow lately, and mom stole her dad's camera to show everybody these:

I don't know why mom took so many of Moss. Maybe because I spent most of my time doing this:

And Meara spent ALL of her time doing this:

And Sammy only went this far: