Friday, March 27, 2009

Speckles: 1, Samwise: 0

Samwise the beagle-dog,
Loves being a log.

But I am the best,
At disturbing rest!


Speckles: "HI SAM WANNA PLAY?"
Sam: "no. go wei."

Speckles: "oh yay! i love it when you play with me!"
Sam:"srsly, get away from..."

Speckles: "wheeeeeeee!"

Speckles: "hey why'd you stop?!"

Sam: "go wei."

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Hi everybody! Mom FINALLY decided what my new name is going to be: NEBCR's Merry Specklehead! She says she knows it sounds really funny, and not at all appropriate for a border collie, but it "fits" me...kinda like my tail. That means I'm special, right?

For you guys who don't know me, mom says I made her FAiL fostering for the first time...that means I won, right? Here's how it happened:

"Hey Speckles, wanna stay here forever?"

.oO What? What did you just say?? Oo.

.oO Really?!?! Oh


So now I get to play with my brothers Samwise beagledog + Smudge-kitty all the time! wheeeBARKBARKBARK!