Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I am me!

Today, I am particularly seksay. See how bedroom-y my eyes are?

Is it my new ball? nope.

Was it the weekend at the farm? nope.

er. well. not really. I mean, every time I go to the farm I get a little braver, but confidence isn't the only thing that makes me so irresistible!

Auntie Allison brought me my very own leash + collar! Isn't it perfect? And when we got home, my very own tag was waiting for me! Mom says it was handmade just for me by Tessa...mom even got a matching tag to put on the leash since I don't like people reaching for my collar. I guess that means if I run away, I should make sure my leash is on, huh?

Guess what Samwise got? NOTHING! hahahaha!

He pouted under the bed until he found out mom bought treats, too...

mmm...stufffed gulllett...


Thursday, April 23, 2009


wow. it took almost a whole month for two things to happen at the same time:
1. the sun to come out
2. mom remembering to take the camera outside

here i am waiting for the ball...

...WAITING for the ball...


some swirly-tail fetching pizzazz

sometimes I go say HI to Sam. I don't know why he always runs away, though.

this is what samwise usually does while i'm playing...

but look what mom got him to do!

he runs *so* fast that the camera couldn't even focus!! *snort*