Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hi! It's me, Moss! Mom says I have to tell you that I'm a whole 5 and a half months old now, and weigh 30.5lbs.

And Speck[lehead] is mad at me because mom said *I* could post today! haha!

I've had a couple of Big Adventures over the past few weeks, but the funnest one is about WATER.


See, here is my wee puppy self in the Puppy Pool:

And then when I was bigger, I got to play in the Big Dog Pool!

This is me swimming "for real" for the first time!

And this is me trying to herd Speckles and swim at the same time. It didn't work very well.

But then I discovered the MOST FUN THING in the WHOLE WORLD:

(and having a float coat (thanks auntie caitlin!) so i can swimz forever and not get drownded like i almost did where auntie nicole went in the water with all her clothes on so she could save me)

I got to chase the Sparkle-Splashes forever!

And then Auntie Nicole showed me how to make the Biggest Splashes EVER! Here I am diving for the first time (I don't know why mom keeps saying "falling"):

but I learned that if I *jumped*, I could make bigger splashes!

But then Auntie Nicole said it was time for me to get out of the water! I told her I didn't wanna!!!

And then I tried my hardest to swimz away but I couldn't!!!

So she said Fiiinnnee, I could have ONE more jump!


I also got to see all my friends and meet tons of new people! (hi auntie mickey, thanks again for playing Splashies with me in the Little Pool!!)

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  1. Dear Moss. You little twerp! *I* want to swim in a people pool!!!!!!!! How *very* unfair that you got to already and you aren't even a half a year old, and I am almost 4 whole years and I still haven't gotten to! Just for that I will bite your nose next time I see you!